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SEND U staff

Alfie Mosse
Director of Eurasia Theological Education and SEND U staff
based in Indiana
previous field of service: Ukraine
Bethany Reedy
MOP Dean
based in Michigan
previous field of service: Global China Ministries, Taiwan

Jenny Baker
SEND U Training Coordinator and Creative Consultant
Acting Ministry Director for Diaspora - North America
based in Whitehorse, Yukon Territories, Canada
previous field of service: SEND North
Ken Guenther
SEND U Director and Director of International Services
based in Saskatchewan, Canada
previous fields of service: Philippines, Russia, Ukraine
Kim Samalca
Executive Assistant to the SEND U Director
based in Quezon City, Philippines
Lisa Redell
MOP-Recap Coordinator and Chief Financial Officer for LinkAcross
based in Skopje, Northern Macedonia
colleen.jpgColleen Eichelberger
MOP Logistics Coordinator
based in Michigan
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