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Spiritual Formation


  • Pray as You Go > app for daily meditation and contemplative prayer, recommended by Bethany Reedy.
  • PrayerMate app > a free app for iOS and Android designed to help you pray more faithfully and more widely. It's been a finalist in the Premier Digital Awards several times. Highly recommended by Ken Guenther.
  • Bible memory app: Remember me > recommended by Ken G. The Remember Me Bible Memory App (for both Apple and Android) is an awesome tool to assist in bible verse memory work. This free* app allows you to choose Bible scriptures you want to memorize. You can play several different games that make Bible memorization easy and FUN! When you’ve mastered a Bible memory verse, the app brings it up for review every few days so you can retain what you’ve learned.
  • Bible in one year app > Recommended by Beeatrice. “I have been using this Bible reading plan, and I find many of the devotional sharing are very life nourishing, insightful and thought-provoking. I find them very helpful for keeping my spiritual life vital.”

Books on spiritual formation in general

Blog posts by Lynn Karidis

Other spiritual formation resources

  • A series of lectures on spiritual formation by Dr. John Coe of Biola University. Highly recommended by Ken G.
  • Mentored Sonship- 8-month mentoring program by World Harvest Mission for those in full-time ministry.
  • The Idol Factory > a series of 3 sermons by C. J. Mahaney, recommended by Ken Z. Free for download.
  • Future Grace by John Piper. Recommended by Ken Z. Free sample of first 3 chapters available for PDF download from Desiring God website.
  • Wisdom Hunters Daily Devotional (sent by email). Recommended by Deb Davis.
  • Faith Comes by Hearing > David Benzel writes, “You can download Bibles in various languages and translations to listen to. You have to sign up to download something (but I've never gotten any mail from them) and they limit how many versions you can download at one time. There is probably about 20 various English options to download (dramatized, etc.). They used to have the NIV but don't anymore. But they do have the ESV.”
  • Solitude > a blog post by Dave Brubacher reflects on the spiritual discipline of solitude and its challenges.


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