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Spiritual Formation ~ MOP July 2018

Facilitators: Ken Guenther, Gary Ridley, and Pastor James Aberin

In the first few sessions, we will emphasize the importance of the participant's walk with God as a missionary, or maintaining and nurturing an ever-deepening intimacy with God while serving as a missionary. Then we will spend several sessions practicing different spiritual disciplines that can become a regular part of your daily “Quiet Time” with God and help you to focus your attention and hear what God is saying to you. These sessions conclude with a Day Alone with God scheduled during the second week > an opportunity to practice more intensely what you have been learning during these sessions.


  1. Remind participants of how critical their walk with God is to their success and fruitfulness as missionaries and have them do a self-evaluation.
  2. Motivate participants to commit to making intimacy with Christ their number one priority, to resolve to be like Mary (rather than Martha), and to develop a plan for how they will do so.
  3. Provide participants with practical suggestions for how to nurture intimacy with Christ on a daily basis.
  4. Practice some of the spiritual disciplines, particularly Bible reading, journaling, and prayer.
  5. Help participants prepare for a meaningful Day Alone with God.

Handouts for Ken's sessions:

Handouts by other facilitators:


Suggested Resources

Resources suggested by Ken Guenther:

Resources suggested by Ted Szymczak:

Resources suggested by Scott Powell:

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