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Title of Session: Spiritual Warfare

~ Mini MOP March 2020

Facilitator: Pastor James Aberin, Philippines Sending Council Director


This Spiritual Warfare topic is one of the courses on Spiritual Formation. The course highlights the definition of Spiritual Warfare including important lessons from key Bible verses on the topic. Students will learn three basic truths on spiritual warfare. One is that each Christian is already in it. Second, Spiritual Warfare is unavoidable. And last is that,Spiritual warfare will intensify in the mission field! The student will also hear and evaluate examples of actual accounts of spiritual warfare in the field.

We will commit to pray for each other that God’s glory might be seen in each of our lives. In the end, we daily stand at a fork in the road. When the battle rages, will we choose, by faith, to praise the Lord and submit fully to Him, or will we choose Satan’s path that leads to destruction?



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