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MKs and TCKs

Advocates for MKs and TCKs

Libby Stephens served many years on staff at Black forest Academy in Germany. She is a leading spokesperson for TCKs and MKs. Her website provides helpful resources for families engaged in cross-cultural work.

Michele Phoenix is a TCK advocate, writer, blogger, speaker, and adult TCK her grew up in Europe. Michele served at Black Forest Academy in Germany. Her website offers MK/TCK resources.


Recommended by SEND MK Consultants:




MKs and College

Organizations serving MKs and their Families

  • Barnabas International offers re-entry seminars for MKs.
  • SHARE Education Services provides consulting, testing, and resources for those using home school or national schools throughout Europe and Eurasia. SHARE Conferences are great opportunities for learning and member care:
    • Seminars for parents will assist you in making informed educational decisions for your family.
    • Examine new resources for educating children and consult individually with educators and counselors who care about your family’s unique needs.
    • Educational assessment in English will be available for children and teens.
    • Quality programs for children and teens offer activities for building relational and academic skills.
  • Asia Education Resource Consortium provides resources, testing, and consulting for families serving in Asia. AERC is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand where an annual family conference is held.
  • Interaction International is a great resource for parents, teachers, and others who work with TCKs and MKs. Their resources includes children's books about moving and transition. This website also gives information about the Pre-field Education Workshop for Parents and Re-entry Programs.
  • Canadian MK Network provides reBoot seminars for MKs and a growing network of MK caregivers.

Websites about TCKs

"A Life Overseas" is a website written by an adult TCK who is a mother to TCKs. “The blog collective ‘A Life Overseas’ provides that place of online connection for Christ-following missionaries and humanitarian aid workers living in foreign countries– from the past, present, or future.”

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