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Teaming Toolkit

Formerly called the Team Launch Toolkit

SEND U has developed a Teaming Toolkit. This toolkit is comprised of a set of training modules that a field leader or a regional director could take to a new team to help them work through the questions that are important for the formation and functioning of any ministry team. The toolkit can also be used for an existing team, particularly when an existing team is adding members or wanting to reevaluate their vision or deal with some areas of dysfunctionality on the team. Our desire is to see SEND teams worldwide become more effective in MEE, and for this purpose, the toolkit was envisioned. This toolkit is meant to be used with teams who are working together in a common ministry and is currently comprised of 6 modules:

  1. Why are we a team? Developing a team vision and mission statement
  2. What will we do? Creating a Team Annual Ministry Plan
  3. How are we different from each other? Building self-awareness on personalities
  4. How will we become an effective team? Understanding stages of team formation and overcoming the five dysfunctions of a team
  5. How will we communicate with each other? Pitfalls in communication, developing communication norms for the team, security concerns
  6. How will we resolve conflicts? Causes of conflict, resolving conflict, developing a team commitment.

For SEND International members, the toolkit can be found at this link. If you are interested in having your team work through these modules, please contact your field and/or regional director.

If you are with a partner organization to SEND, please contact the SEND U Director to request access to the Teaming Toolkit.

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