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Training Tracks December 2015

Hi Fellow SENDers:

What did you learn in 2015?

As we come to the end of 2015, I would strongly encourage you to look at your Individual Growth Plan, and identify what you have learned in this past year from each of the learning activities you chose. Don't be discouraged if you didn't accomplish all of your learning goals. Instead identify what you have learned and where you have grown in each of your growth priority areas (spiritual formation, self-management and ministry skills) and record this on the second page of your IGP (last page of the IGP guide). I would encourage teams to give each person a chance to share something that they learned in the past year at one of your team meetings in December or January.

Your next growth plan

Before the end of January, each member of SEND is expected to create an IGP (Individual Growth Plan) for 2016. Download and use the IGP Guide if you don't know where to begin. Show your growth plan to a friend or your team leader for accountability. Again, this is not a ministry plan describing what you want to do in ministry in 2016. The IGP is a plan for your own growth and development, and should describe your planned learning activities (books to read, workshops to attend, people you want to interview) for the new year. Most professions require ongoing professional development credits each year to keep their licence valid. Why would we as ministers of the Gospel expect any less of ourselves? SEND International allows you to spend up to 10% of your work time in ongoing growth and professional development. The IGP is a way of making that growth intentional.

Mid-career retreat

SEND's first ever mid-career retreat will be held at The Juniper Tree in Thailand from March 2-7, 2016. This retreat is for those who have been with SEND for 15 years or more and would like to think through what God has in store for them during the next part of their career. A few people who had wanted to come to the mid-career retreat have notified us that they will not be able to come after all. We now have room for 5 more people. The venue is warm, beautiful, right on the ocean, and provides a great place to get away from ministry pressures to learn, plan and interact with others in the same stage of life as you. SEND U is paying for all the in-country costs, but all participants need to raise the funds for travel to Bangkok. If you are interested in learning more, go to the SEND U wiki page and if you want to come, please write me or Ted Szymczak.

Training in multicultural teaming

During the recent Russia area conference (also held at Juniper Tree in Thailand), Darlene Jovellanos facilitated a training time each morning on the topic of multicultural teaming. Each team developed an action plan to help them grow in this area. You can find Darlene's PowerPoint, and many different resources she recommends on the SEND U wiki. The Globalization department of the IO is planning to do a similar workshop in Spain in 2016.

Keep learning,

Ken Guenther

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