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Training Tracks January 2014

Hi fellow SEND-ers,

Completing your IGP

Happy New Year from SEND U! Have you put together your 2014 amp_igp (Individual Growth Plan) yet? If you need a guide on how to put together an amp_igp, let me shamelessly recommend the SEND U amp_igp Guide found on the SEND U wiki. I took a Day of Prayer on December 30, and part of that day focused on putting down ideas for intentional learning in the coming year. One of the major growth priorities that I believe God wants me to pursue is becoming less risk-averse due to a stronger faith in God. So my learning activity for that growth priority is to do an extensive Bible study on risks taken for God by men and women of faith.
On my 2013 amp_igp, I had listed that I wanted to read Jerry Rankin's Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for God's Glory. The book had been sitting on my shelf for years, and I had wanted to read it for a long time, since it was so highly recommended, and it is on the MOP reading list. But year after year went by, and it never got read. I think our enemy had something to do with that, since as the book points out, the effectiveness of Satan's strategy demands anonymity. But this past year, I did read the book and did learn more about Satan's strategies in my life. Without question, the primary motivation for reading the book was because it was on my amp_igp, and many within SEND had seen that amp_igp as a sample on the wiki! Creating a growth plan together with accountability works! I finished it on December 24, and you can read some of what I learned from the book in my “Reflection on Learning” on the second page of the amp_igp.

Online training opportunities

We have just begun another edition of MOP online for those coming to the February 2014 MOP in Farmington. Twelve people are enrolled. Week 1 focuses on three ancestral world views seen in Genesis 3 as explained by Roland Muller in his book, The Messenger, the Message and the Community. If you haven't read the book yet, let me recommend it (see my blog post). The third edition just came out.
Another edition of the Team Leader Orientation online module will be offered in March and April. At this point, it looks like the course is full with 15 enrolled. If you interested in taking the course and have some supervisory responsibilities within SEND, let me know and I can put you on the waiting list.
But I am also excited with the prospect that a couple of great online courses developed by World Team on “Evangelism: Abundantly Sowing the Seed” and “Discipleship: Developing Mature Followers of Jesus” might soon become available as well to SEND members. A couple of us have already tried out these courses, and are recommending them to other SEND personnel. In the next couple of months, our SEND U Leadership Team will make a final decision about how and when we will offer these courses. You can find the syllabus for the evangelism course on the SEND U wiki. Do you think taking one or both of these online courses would be helpful for SEND church planters?

New SEND U bloggers

My colleagues Ted Szymczak and Gary Ridley have recently posted a couple of articles to the SEND U blog that I would encourage you to read. Ted talks about how coaching can enhance your church planting ministry, and Gary encourages us to see disciple-making as central to the church planting task. There is a comment section at the bottom of every blog post, and we would welcome your comments and thoughts on these blogs.

Keep learning,

Ken Guenther
SENDU Director
living in Kiev, Ukraine

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