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Training Tracks January 2017

Happy New Year

Here is a good quote from Training Missionaries: Principles and Possibilities by Evelyn and Richard Hibbert on the importance of lifelong learning:

“To be effective in cross-cultural ministry, missionaries need to become outstanding learners. Within one lifetime we can never learn all there is to know about God or the people he has created and the way they organize their lives. Whether in language learning, culture learning, ministry development, or theological exploration, missionaries need to keep on learning.They need to keep testing the assumptions of their existing meaning frameworks and developing their complexity and resilience.”

So have you already completed your 2017 Individual Growth Plan?

Your amp_igp is your personal plan for how you plan to equip yourself in 2017 to become better at what God has called you to do. The plan does not need to be long and complicated. But it does need to be written down, and it needs to identify specific learning activities that will help you develop your ministry skills or your spiritual life or your ability to manage other parts of your life. We are not talking about New Year's resolutions that are unrealistic and non-specific.

Don't just say, “I want to communicate more effectively with my prayer and financial partners.” Identify what you will do to learn to get better at this. Maybe you will watch a step-by-step tutorial on MailChimp (Google it). Maybe you will read the articles on the wiki on this subject. Maybe you will plan to Skype with Amy Walters to ask her for some feedback on your current newsletter style. Maybe you will do all three.

If you want to understand better how to construct an amp_igp, please download the SEND U amp_igp Guide. On the SEND U wiki, you can also find a couple of examples of amp_igps.

Team leaders, at your next team meeting, why don't you ask each of your team members to share one learning activity they have put on their amp_igp. (Let them know in advance that you will ask them!) We have a much better chance of actually following through on our growth goals if we share them with others on our team.

Do you need some help in putting together an amp_igp? SEND U coaches would be glad to help you come up with some ideas.

Learn about folk religions with Gary Ridley in this short online course

What exactly is “folk” religion? Are there animistic elements that play a part in the religion of the people to whom you minister? Through this short course, you can learn how to address these topics from a biblical perspective that will help minimize syncretism among the believers you serve.

  • Dates: January 15-28, 2017
  • Approximate Time Commitment: 12 hours total
  • Facilitator: Gary Ridley

You can sign up for this course on at this link.

Have you tried out a Crosswired course yet? is offering all SEND members 3 months of free membership and free access to all the self-study courses (most normally cost $5.99) on their site until the end of January. These are self-study courses, so you can learn whenever it is most convenient for you. Most of these courses can be completed in about an hour, so the time investment is not huge. Until the end of January, they are all free. The coupon code you will use is SENDU2017. The list of available courses and the process for registering and enrolling in a course can be found on this wiki page -

Keep Learning,


Ken Guenther
SEND U Director based in Kiev, Ukraine

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