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Training Tracks June 2014

We missed the May edition of the Training Tracks newsletter, but we are back on track now!

A new online Learning Management System

Over the past few years, SEND U and a couple of partner missions have developed a number of online courses. Many of these courses are shared and open to enrollment from those in the sister missions. Until March, these online courses were being offered on EFCA's EQUIP platform and on CIU's Leaderspace. But I am glad to announce that from now on, all online courses from SEND U, World Team and ReachGlobal will be located on, the newly upgraded online platform run by EFCA EQUIP. The new platform is much easier and faster to use. If you have taken an online course in the past from EQUIP, you can still access the archives at the EQUIP or Leaderspace websites.

Online courses on church planting skills

World Team has developed an online course on evangelism, another on discipleship and is now developing a third on the topic of congregating believers. These WT courses are not only for WT missionaries but are also open to SEND people. Several SEND missionaries have already taken the first 2 courses. Furthermore, Ted Szymczak on behalf of SEND U has been asked to help facilitate and develop these courses. If you would like more information about these courses, click on the syllabuses of these courses found on the SEND U wiki.

Blog series on self-feeding

I have now completed the 4-part series on the topic of self-feeding. Thanks for those who gave me feedback and shared their thoughts on this vital subject for missionaries. You can find the entire series as a single document at this link.

More coaches and another coaching trainer

In May, Beth E and I jointly facilitated a coaching workshop for the Macedonia team.The response was very positive, and it was tremendously encouraging to hear that each SEND participant was planning to be coached and to coach someone else in the next month after the training. SEND U has now purchased a licence for Beth to conduct this highly-interactive coaching training by herself, so if you live in Asia and would like to be trained in coaching, please contact Beth in Taiwan.

Discovery activities for language and culture learners

Do you need some guidance in your language practice and cultural discovery outside of the classroom? TEAM has developed some excellent guided discovery activities for learning language and culture and they are freely available on the web. The language activities are linked to corresponding culture learning activities and are designed to be used as you interact with the people in your community. Guidelines are available for both beginning and intermediate learners. If you work through these activities, you will broaden your vocabulary, deepen your understanding of culture and makes lots of new friends!

Keep learning,


Ken Guenther
SENDU Director
living in Kiev, Ukraine

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