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Training Tracks June 2017

New Assistant Director appointed!

I am pleased to announce that I have appointed Beth Eckstein to be the new Assistant Director for SEND U. external image b4cc55a7-1df4-44d2-90df-6afc03f3e357.jpg Beth has demonstrated a strong commitment to lifelong learning for many years and has been a clear advocate for it throughout SEND. Beth has proven leadership, training and communication gifts that would benefit the whole mission. She actually served on the SEND U Leadership Team a few years back. As most of you know, Beth also serves as the Director of Women's Ministry, and she plans to carry both responsibilities for now.

As the new SEND U Assistant Director, Beth will be responsible for developing and overseeing our communication with you all - to make sure that you are well informed of training and development opportunities. She will continue to champion coaching, and lead coaching workshops. I expect that will be developing and recommending additional training modules, both for SEND women but also for the entire SEND membership. I am thankful that I will have some additional help in overseeing SEND U projects and staff. I also look forward to seeing how the development initiatives of the Women's Ministry Team can complement and enrich SEND U's initiatives to an even greater extent.

What podcasts would you recommend?

A number of the participants in a recent online course for team leaders recommended that the SEND U wiki provide a list of recommended podcasts. One of the team leaders wrote, “Podcasts have become for me a source of encouragement, growth and enjoyment. I can listen for hours while I work on other things that don't need my undivided attention. I looked on the wiki site for podcasts and didn't find a large selection.” What podcasts do you listen to? Would you please send me your recommendations by email or on Yammer?
Global Missions Podcast

external image header_gmp_logo.png
While we are on the topic of podcasts, I want to draw your attention to the Global Missions Podcast, hosted by Mags (Rob Magwod, SEND Canada Director). I have listened to these podcasts regularly for the past 6 months, and found them helpful and informative. In a recent edition, Mags interviewed Mark Buchanan on the topic “Sabbath Rest in Missions - Helping our Workers Avoid Burnout”. Other well-known authors that Mags has featured in the past few months are Paul Watson (Contagious Disciple Making), David Garrison (A Wind in the House of Islam) and Brian Fikkert (When Helping Hurts).
Partnership with CIU

external image de8584e4-e5d5-4e1d-9135-e9d8a180ea27.jpg
In past editions of the Training Tracks, I have highlighted a couple of partnerships with educational institutions (Fuller School of World Missions & Cairn University). We need to mention that SEND also has a partnership with CIU (Columbia International University). CIU offers a 25% tuition discount for all courses (except doctoral courses) to SEND members and employees, spouses of employees, and dependents. To take advantage of the discount, simply select “SEND” as the partner organization within the CIU online application.

Keep Learning,


Ken Guenther
SEND U Director based in Kiev, Ukraine

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