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Training Tracks March 2015

Hi fellow SEND-ers,

Understanding those strange North Americans

Bertha and I are now back in Ukraine after two weeks in the Philippines, leading our latest Member Orientation Program. We added a new session to this MOP entitled “Understanding North American Culture”. Since so many of our Asian missionaries will end up working with North Americans on their teams, but only a few of them will ever have an opportunity to spend any significant time in North America, we wanted to give them some insights into the strange cultural tendencies of so many of SEND’s members. After the session, some suggested that we needed to include this session in our MOP in Farmington as well - to help us North Americans understand how different we are from so much of the rest of the world! Any thoughts on this question?

  • IGP completion report: I have done a quick survey of our fields and sending offices, and according to our directors’ best estimates, 62% of SEND membership have completed an Individual Growth Plan for 2015. I am particularly pleased that 15 of our areas report that 75% or more of their members have an IGP. I think we have a great start. Now the challenge will be to carry out these growth plans.
  • Getting (the best) Things Done: To help you with implementing your IGP, I would recommend a book I reviewed back in December on the SEND U blog - What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done (only $7.99 on Kindle). Matt Perman, the author, argues that productivity matters to God. But it is not so much about the volume of what you get accomplished, but rather making sure you get the right things done. A few people I supervise have told me that this book has really helped them accomplish the tasks that they have been given to do. I have used this book to revise my personal mission statement, and to better plan each week.

Wiki updates

The Personnel Department in the US Office has put a fair amount of home service information (preparation timeline, forms, resources and contact information) on the SEND U wiki. More is coming, especially regarding the Reconnect Retreat.

Learn about church-planting movements

If you are going on home service this year, don’t forget about getting some training at the Multiplying Churches Globally church planting workshop in Minneapolis (June 23-26, 2015). This year, Ted Szymczak has arranged to add a SEND church planting expert to the faculty to talk about church-planting movements (CPM) and disciple-making movements (DMM). If you are confused by these acronyms and would like to know more about different strategies in seeking to start church-planting movements, I would recommend an article in the Missions Frontier journal that explains the differences between the CPM and the DMM approach - “T4T or DMM (DBS)? Only God can start a church-planting movement”.

A Safe Place to Explore Questions about Life and God - in 35+ languages

We recently found a website entitled It was developed by Cru as a place for young people (unbelievers) to ask questions about faith and life. The site is available in most of the languages in which we work. You might find it helpful - and so might your contacts.

Keep learning,

Ken Guenther
SENDU Director
living in Kiev, Ukraine

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