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Training Tracks May 2016

Hi there, fellow life-long learners:

We are currently in the middle of a brand-new SEND U 5-week online training course for team leaders. I am thankful for the 13 SEND leaders that have signed up for this course, and I am enjoying the interactions in the forums. The course is titled, “The Team Leader as Supervisor” and builds on the “Team Leader Orientation”, another online course that SEND U offered over the past 5 years. This new course looks at the leader through the metaphorical lens of a steward (Luke 12:42, Titus 1:7, 1 Cor 4:1-2, 1 Peter 4:10). As a steward, the team leader is someone who has been entrusted with resources by the Master and is to make sure that these resources are used well for the Master. Besides the Gospel, our most valuable resource is our members. Our leaders have been entrusted with the responsibility to oversee our teams. This means that they need to make sure that each of our members' gifts and strengths are developed and that together the team uses their time and energy for the greatest impact. They want to be faithful in that stewardship.

Many of us have wanted to learn more about DMM (Disciple Making Movements). I am currently reading Contagious Disciple Making by David and Paul Watson. This book outlines the mindset and methodology of those who have embraced the DMM model of ministry. For those in the Michigan and Ohio areas, on May 6-7, a Disciple Making Movement Training will be held in Ann Arbor by Matt Chittim and then on May 13-14, David Watson will be teaching on DMM in Columbus Ohio. For more info, contact Ted @

Recently I learned that SEND North leadership has been working on developing a list of different competencies and ministry skills for effective ministry in the North. Sometimes we assume than just attending a certain set of training events will make one ready to do ministry. A better approach is to do what SEND North has done. They have identified which competencies and ministry skills are needed to effectively serve in the North. Some of these competencies will need to be learned before people get to the field, some will be learned during the first term, and all of them will continue to be developed as lifelong learners. SEND North also recognizes that everyone will be at a different place in developing these competencies, depending on previous training and experience, so unique training plans will be needed for each individual. This fits well with SEND U's emphasis on lifelong learning and Individual Growth Plans.

Have any other receiving areas also been working on a list of competencies for ministry in your context? Please let me know. We want to facilitate the sharing of what you have been working on, and identify common competencies that everyone needs.

Keep learning,


Ken Guenther
SEND U Director based in Kiev, Ukraine

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