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Training Tracks May 2018

The wiki has a new home!

Despite not being a teacher, something about the summer makes me feel like I should get three months off from all my adulting responsibilities. However, my kids are home from school and they want to eat three times a day! And not to mention that life and ministry ramp up in so many areas - summer camps, short-term teams, and activities on our Farmington campus to name a few. It takes purpose to make sure that intentional growth and learning are not left behind. It might be a good time to mix up what you normally do for learning. If you usually read, check out a podcast. If you normally learn on your own, check out an online learning community. Read on below for some suggestions!

The Wiki's New Home

The SEND U wiki has a new home! Wikispaces is closing down, but the SEND U wiki continues with all of its content. The SEND U wiki can now be found at this link: You can also access the new site by typing in “” into your browser if you can't remember the new address. As we continue to develop more modules on the Crosswired site, we are excited to have more of our learning resources in one location. Currently, anyone can look at about 95% of the SEND U wiki as a guest. If you wish to access the 120+ pages or documents that are password protected or assist in uploading and editing documents, you will need to join the SEND U Wiki site and log in. Instructions for logging in were in last month's Training Tracks and can be found here as well. Once you create your account, you will also have access to dozens of self-paced modules on the SEND U Wiki site. Happy learning!

The Crucible of the First Term

A few years ago, I (Ken) wrote number of posts on the value of crucible experiences, particularly in relation to leadership development. Crucible experiences are difficult, often painful events or losses in our lives that have the potential to refine us. But as I repeatedly said in those previous posts, difficult life experiences in themselves do not refine us. Our response to the crucible experiences of life and ministry is what allows the crucible to become transformative.

If you find yourself in the midst of your first term, check out Ken's full blog post here on the crucible of the first term as well as this fine webinar by MissioNexus, “The Crucible of the First Term: Understanding and Helping So It is not the Last" with Dr. Connie Befus. Her title suggests that another way that God makes us holy is by putting us into the stressful context of a new culture. You can also check out the Grow2Serve course below on Culture Shock!

Perhaps you are in your second, third or fourth term. Why not revisit your first term experiences and use these resources to encourage a new first-term teammate?

Looking for some summer learning?

Grow2Serve has some excellent options for both first-termers and those who have been working cross-culturally just a bit longer.

Here is a description of their updated course ”Cultural Adjustment a.k.a. Culture Shock.“ Are you past the fun and now into the challenges of living and ministering in a new culture? There are some good principles that you can put into practices as you seek to weather culture shock and adapt well to the place where God has sent you. Survival is not the goal, but rather allowing God to grow you in a way that prepares you to understand and love others around you. Future dates: May 30-June 6, July 4-11.


"Crossing Cultures With Ruth" The book Crossing Cultures with Ruth offers Kingdom workers encouragement and inspiration as they discern and work out God’s call in their lives. The book also provides practical insights into the best means and methods of missionary outreach based on James Nelson’s years of Fruitful Practice research. Sign up to join this 6-week facilitated book study with the author and learn from other cross-cultural workers.

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