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Training Tracks May 2019

Multicultural Teaming

In theory, a multicultural team should have many more creative ideas than a team made up those of all one culture. But in reality, multicultural teams are often stuck in even deeper ruts of tradition than mono-cultural teams, because so much of their energy is devoted to keeping the peace and learning how to communicate. Rather than coming with a fresh new strategy, the team just continues to do what they have always done because the “way we have always done it” is the least risky and requires the least amount of explanation.

In his book, Driven by Difference: How Great Companies Fuel Innovation Through Diversity, David Livermore of the Cultural Intelligence Center helps us understand what team leaders and team members on diverse teams need to do to create a climate and a process for true innovation.

As Livermore says, multicultural teams are not automatically more innovative.

“Diversity alone doen’t lead to innovation, but cultural intelligence and diversity together are a multiplying force. Diversity and low CQ leads to higher levels of frustration and reduced productivity. But diversity and high CQ leads to far brighter outcomes than homogeneous teams can ever experience.” (p. 231)

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New & Improved

Our wiki is new and improved with a very powerful search engine! Just type what you are looking for into the search box in the upper right corner.

Facing a task you need some additional skills for? Check out some of our latest additions! Interested in learning more about multicultural teams and cultural intelligence? The Cultural Adaptation page on the wiki has a new section highlighting some of these resources.

Ken has also updated the section on Supervision of Others with some great tools including information on delegating, leading meetings and how to supervise others.

And we have a new resource page with recommendations for Women's Ministry and about women's issues in ministry (which is for anyone!).

Animism & Folk Religion Course

Interested in understanding animism and folk religions and avoiding syncretism in your ministry context? Dr. Gary Ridley once again will be offering this online course. Click here to add your name to the sign-up list or email Gary directly with questions.

Training Practices around SEND

What are some of the best training practices happening around SEND and when do teams fit them in? We asked our SEND U Regional Reps to gather data from their regions and here are some examples from Europe and Asia:


  • Book discussions during team meetings. Culture Map by Erin Myers was popular with several teams in Europe.
  • Utilizing conference time for training.
  • Attending the COACH training workshop.
  • Multicultural Team Training with Darlene Jovellanos
  • Planning spiritual recovery into your IGP. Plan for a retreat like Traction, Breathe, or some other soul care retreat.


  • For leadership development, check out LDN Global. used by a leadership team in Asia.
  • Inviting national believers to join you for training in both church and missiological issues in your host country.
  • Utilizing online courses on such as Sustainable Resilience and Language Reboot.


SEND U is busy planning for the second Muslim Consultation December 9-14 in Manila. If you are working in a Muslim context, we want to see you there. Contact Ken or Beth for additional information and invitation criteria. If you received an invitation already, please fill out the registration form now.

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