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Training Tracks October 2017

Steps Toward Life Balance

Interval training is a tried and true approach to fitness that has been around a long time. Recently, interval training has been showing up in HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training) classes and on several running blogs. The point of an interval is for you to be able to give your full effort knowing a rest is coming. This rest then refuels you for the next round. As one writer put it, “The body adapts and gets strong in recovery mode.”

This has application to our ministry lives too. So often we feel that we must keep our lives running in high gear in order to be productive. We don't create space to recharge, rest and refocus because we don't practice the truth that our body gets stronger when we spend time to recover. Often we don't realize we are living at an unsustainable pace until it is too late and we either get injured or drop out all together. We can refer to these “injuries” as our red flags. Red flags can be both objective and observable or subjective and felt. Objectively one might notice a red flag if they need extra caffeine every day on a regular basis. Subjectively, on can become demanding and impatient or feel a sense of continual anxiety. Each person has their own red flags that signal an interval of rest is needed.

How can we put these intervals into our lives to prevent burnout? The simple answer is boundaries. A word missionaries throw around a lot but seldom actually put into practice, practical boundaries can give workers that interval space they need to recharge for the next big push. For example, not checking email on the weekends or committing to a day of solitude a month might be boundaries that can be the intervals of rest that are needed.

If you are feeling like life is out of balance, here is a simple exercise you can do to think through your life “intervals.”

  1. Spend time praying and thinking about the rhythm of life you would like.
  2. On a piece of paper, identify your red flags in 2 columns: Objective (measurable) and Subjective (more of a feeling or instinct). Think about how you react when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Write down 3-5 things for each category.
  3. Create a section on boundaries - this could be daily, weekly or even monthly things you must keep in your life to keep the red flags to a minimum.
  4. Write out your plan and share it with a trusted friend.
  5. When you notice yourself falling back into some of your “red flag” behavior, identify the steps you need to take to regain that interval pace of rest and work.

SEND U Upcoming Events

SEND U has several upcoming events, including in-person and online. See dates and links below for training that might be of interest to you.

Asia Regional Equipping Seminar (ARES): Ethnography Studies with Dr. Sherwood Lingenfelter and Dr. Judith Lingenfelter, authors of Teaching Cross Culturally, will take place October 16-20 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Online Courses:
Team Leader Orientation (January 2nd-Feburary 10th) Register now for this helpful course facilitated by Ken Guenther where you will explore what it means to be an effective leader of a team.
Team Leader as Supervisor (March 5th -April 14th) Come learn how to make the transition from coworker to supervisor. To register and for full course descriptions, follow this link. Questions? Contact Ken at

New Online Course Now Available

Christ is building His Church and we know that He is the one who multiples the disciples He has commissioned us to make. In the Multiplication course, we explore how we can, in dependence on Christ, be working to see disciples, His church, multiplied.

  • 2 weeks of core content: 5 assignments per week for individual process and Online dialogue.
  • 8 weeks, each with 1 assignment for personal processing of core content (45 min.) and a team discussion time (1.5 hr.) for applying it to their team and context.

Signups for the course are open now. The scheduled will be worked out to suit your team. A “team” may be Wolrld Team workers and national or other co-workers. Several small “teams” could take it simultaneously. (We consider a couple to be a team.) Since the course is in English, national co-workers could take the course if other team members can translate or they can take it “offline.” Click on this link for a more detailed explanation and signup information.

Volunteer Needed!

Do you like administrative tasks and training and development? Do you have some technical skills you would like to put to use? SEND U is looking for a new administrator for our SEND U Wiki. The SEND U Wiki is a collection of resources for the development and personal growth of SEND missionaries. The SEND U wiki administrator is responsible to update and maintain the wiki by adding suggested resources as well as checking links and other content. Commitment is about 10 hours a month. Contact Ken Guenther if you are interested at

Keep Learning,


Ken Guenther
SEND U Director based in Kiev, Ukraine



Beth Eckstein
SEND U Assistant Director based in Taichung, Taiwan

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