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Trauma and Grief

Northern Ministry Training Guide

Overview: The missionary will understand the deep impact that ongoing generational trauma and grief have had on northern society and on individuals. The missionary will also gain a working knowledge of substance abuse and addiction, coping behaviors, and common repercussions such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Lastly, the missionary will understand the widespread nature of abuse that is prevalent in the North, and be prepared to offer various resources to aid someone in healing.

Potential Topics/Skills Suggested Training Options
Relapse Prevention The Genesis Process
Inner Healing Hearts Going Towards Wellness
Beauty from Ashes
Substance Abuse, Addiction, & Recovery “Understanding Addiction” NMT Track 2
“Healthy Relationships with Addicts” NMT Track 2
Celebrate Recovery materials
“Life's Healing Choices” by Baker
“The Grieving Indian”
FAS “Working with FAS” NMT Track 3
Boundaries & Co-dependency “Codependency & Healthy Relationships ” NMT Track 1
Sexual Abuse

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