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US Members

Essential Resources

Go to Essential Resources wiki page containing:

  • Benefits: Medical, Dental, Life, Disability, EAP
  • Finance
  • Discretionary Leave
  • Partner Development
  • Member Care
  • Medical Clearance
  • Travel Resources


Go to Appointee Resources (US Members) wiki page

  • Appointment to Deployment (A2D)
  • You and Your Coach
  • Training

Home Service

Key Contacts

Member Care

Bruce Cannon (Director, Personnel & Member Care)
Phone: 248-477-4210 ext. 104, email:

Betsy Wambach (Assistant Director of Personnel & Member Care / Member Care Coach)
Phone: 248-477-4210 ext. 152, email:

Sue Thomson (PMC Administrative Assistant)

Mrs. Brown (Member Care Coach)
Phone: 708-770-7021, email:

Kyle & Frances Holmes (Member Care Coaches)

Kristle Rice (Member Care Coach)
Phone: 586-770-9978, email:

Teena Embaugh (MK Coordinator)
Phone: 330-428-5376, email:

Development/Donor Relations

Brittney Duncan (Donor Relations Manager)


Kevin Friesen (CFO)
Phone: 248-477-4210 ext. 130, email:

Kim Avis (Bookkeeper)
Phone: 248-477-4210 ext. 125, email:

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