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Leading Virtual Teams

Warren's book on virtual teams

TECHnically Connected: Navigating Distance on Virtual Teams by Warren Janzen, SEND's International Director.senduwiki.org_lib_plugins_ckgedit_fckeditor_userfiles_image_technicallyconnected.jpg

TECHnically Connected draws from research, interviews of those in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, and over 15 years of personal leadership experience to bring you practical insights that will help your team thrive without the drive. The virtual environment creates new challenges to the typical elements of teaming. Warren reflects on what it means to work virtually and unpacks the critical insight that when you are separated, “how” you work as a team is even more important than “who” is on the team. With practical examples from his experience leading a Christian non-profit agency, Warren shows you how to build trust, work through conflict, lead meetings, and bridge cultures while working from a distance.

See Table of Contents for TECHnically Connected.

A review of TECHnically Connected by Missio Nexus


(suggested by Warren Janzen)

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