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Women's Ministry

Since 2008 SEND has had a women's ministry team that functions out of the International Office to address the unique concerns of women living and working cross culturally. The department includes a Women's Ministry Team (WMT) set up of regionally based women. This team oversees Area Women's Representatives from each SEND area to ensure women have access to all the tools and resources they need to thrive in their respective contexts. The department also includes a spiritual care coordinator to address various aspects of spiritual development.

Vision Statement

The women's ministry of SEND exists to encourage the personal and professional development of all SEND women, so that they may be equipped for transformational life and ministry. For more information on WMT and the women serving as Area Women's Representatives, click here.

Training Opportunities

SEND's Women's Ministry Team encourages our members to take advantage of training offered through several outside resources including Women's Development Track and Entrust

The Women's Ministry Team recognizes the importance of providing resources for your ministry and personal use. Take a look at the recommendations from other SEND women for some of the latest books, podcasts, blogs and living cross-cultural websites. If you have a resource you would like to see added to this page, please send it to Alanna B and she will get the document updated with your suggestion.

See the wiki page on Complementarianism and Egalitarianism for resources and the main tenets of these two positions on women serving in leadership and teaching roles in the church.

Women's Ministry Channel on Teams

View the Mosaic Monthly Newsletter or the Calendar of Events in “Files”

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